by Mikael Norrgård / WitchMaster Creations

This program is freeware and intended for non-commercial use. You can download it and use it personally, but any commercial use is prohibited.

What is WmC JukeBox 2?
WmC JukeBox 2 is a freeware music / video player for the Windows platform. The differences from for example Winamp, is that covers for the album is showed if available, and you have direct access to your music / video collection. It is also possible to shutdown the program and Windows with a timer and also set the player to start playing a certain time.

– Easy to use interface
– Instant access to music collection
– Shows album art for albums when available
– Download album art almost automatically. (The program uses Google Search and Amazon)
– Search through your music collection
– Timer for start of playback and shutdown
– Editing of ID3 Tags, possible to edit multiple tags at once. (Version 1.8 and newer)
– Save album art to ID3 tag for multiple files at once
– Rename MP3s from ID3 Tag. (Version 2.0 and newer)
– Load/Save playlists (.m3u and .pls)
– Optional Direct Mode for fast music browsing
– Six different views
– Supports: CD Audio, mp3, wma, ogg, wav, mpa, mp2, au, aiff, avi, mpg, mlv, wmv, m4a, flac, etc. *

* External codec may be needed for some formats

System Requirements:
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (Note: you don´t need to install this if you have Windows Vista) click here for x64 versions of Windows
Version 1.7 and newer : Windows Media Player 9 or later (Included with Windows XP / Vista)
Version 1.6 and older : DirectX 6 or later
Windows 95 may work but is untested and unsupported. The same goes with the version of DirectX, earlier versions than v6 may work but is untested.


You don’t need to uninstall a previously installed version of WmC JukeBox 2, just reinstall to the same folder.

This program is written in C# and needs Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 to run. The framework in itself doesn’t “steal” any system resources and can safely be installed. The installation program should automatically install the framework but if you experience problems you can download it HERE (32-bit) or HERE (64-bit), or get it by using windows update. You don´t need this if you are running Windows Vista.

Version history:
– Update: Taglib# library updated to version
– Fix: Fading effect when closing removed, due to performance issues on slower computers.
– Update: Search function updated, possible to search for folders, files or both.
– Fix: Fixed bug with system menu not showing (when right-clicking on the taskbar icon).
– New: Album art search by dragging album to the album art window.
– Fix: Fixed the bug with main window going off screen.
– New: The thumbnail of an album is updated when downloading new album art.
– Udapte: “folder.jpg” has highest priority if multiple images exist in a folder.
– Update: ID3 tags are only loaded for visible files (much faster with long playlist).
– Update: Thumbnails are only loaded for visible albums.
– New: Possible to save album art to ID3 tag (multiple files at once).
– New: Function to copy items in playlist to for example an external mp3-player.
– Fix: Working in x64 versions of Windows.
– Removed: WmC FileRenamer removed from assembly (download it separately).
– Some other small bug fixes.
– Moved to .NET 2.0 (.NET Framework 2.0 required).
– Installer automatically installs the new framework if needed.
– More formats supported.
– Tag editing supported also for wma, asf, m4a, ogg etc.
– Genres sorted alphabetically in tag editor.
– Google cover download fixed again 🙂
– Drag and drop from music collection.
– Playlist item reordering with mouse.
– Much better shuffle function.
– Possible to change album collection and playlist fonts.
– Only one instance of application possible.
– Windows Vista is officially tested and supported.
– Should work fully now for users with limited permissions.
– Multi-user friendly, every user has his own settings.
– Some small bug fixes.
– Fixed the problem with Google cover download (again!, due to google design changes)

No earlier history available…

Support information
Check the about page.

This software uses TagLib#, an Open Source library for reading and writing tags for different media formats. The library is used in it’s unaltered form, executable and source code can be downloaded from here:

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