I made this site for sharing my projects and ideas. I hope that you will find something useful here. If you feel like giving a (small) donation to keep this site alive you are more than welcome to do so. 🙂

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at mick (a) witchmastercreations.com. Feedback is appreciated!


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  1. Chris says:

    I love your redesign of the Dawn of the Dead board game. I’m having trouble printing it out correctly. I go to a Staples print station and they need the exact dimensions. Like 20×20 for example. I would like a bigger board so I can use my Zombies!!! figures. I also have trouble with the counters coming out too big.

    If you could help. I would really appreciate it.


    • Mick says:

      Hi, glad you like it! 🙂 I added the exact dimensions to the page (in both centimeters and inches). You should use the 200dpi dimensions if you want the bigger board that goes well with the figures from Zombies!!!. I hope this helps.

  2. john ade says:

    As I have very little computer skills,could I just buy the new board from you on heavy paper?I have the game already.

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