First I would like to clarify that this mod is totally unofficial and that you will need an original copy of the board game Afrikan Tähti (Finland), Den försvunna diamanten (Sweden) or any other version to be able to play this mod. The rules you can download here do not contain the full rules of the original game, only the additions and modifications to the rules.


Here in Finland there aren’t a lot of people that don’t know about the Finnish board game Afrikan Tähti (African Star). I played this game a lot when I was a kid and have also since then played it from time to time. The mechanics are very simple but it still has some strategic parts to it. Read more about the game at BoardGameGeek.

One day (about five years ago now), me and my twin brother Mats got the idea to make a zombie modification to the game. So we did and it turned out really nice. We intended to make this mod available but time went by and it didn’t happen. Now finally I wrote down the rules for the mod, in English to make it international.

The mod

The mod plays quite in a similar way to the original game, but now you have to find the antidote to a deadly zombie-virus instead of the African Star (diamond). All the blank cardboard pieces are now zombies (that can kill you), so beware. Money is not used in this version, there’s now bullets for fighting zombies. Read the changes to the original rules (pdf) for more information.

To play this zombie mod you will need the original game Afrikan Tähti, it’s still being sold here in Finland even if it’s from the year 1951(!), there are rules in English in the box if anybody outside Finland is interested in trying this out. You will also need to download the new cardboard pieces and the changes to the original rules (found on this page). The cardboard pieces you just print in 200dpi resolution, cut them out and glue them to the back of the original ones or some other hard paper.

If you wish, you can also download and print the overlays for the box (200dpi), to make it look like the picture above. The overlays will not work for all versions of the box though.


You can of course replace the player tokens for miniatures from the board game “Zombies!!!” or any other suitable miniatures.


Just click the thumbnails below to download the file(s).

Afrikan Zombies Rules

Afrikan Zombies Rules

Afrika Zombies Counters

Afrikan Zombies Counters*

Afrikan Zombies Overlays in English

Afrikan Zombies Overlays in English

Afrikan Zombies Overlays in Finnish

Afrikan Zombies Overlays in Finnish

*) Thanks to Thomas Finholm for drawing the scientist. 🙂

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