Originally an SPI game

This game is no longer being sold, and this version of the game is only for personal use, you can print it out and play the version downloaded here, but commercial use is prohibited. Some artwork is used with permission from Twilight Creations Inc, the creators of the great board game Zombies!!! Special thanks also for the rules that are made available by Neil at Homepage of the Dead: http://www.homepageofthedead.com/games/dbg.html, there you can also find the original version of the board game.

About the game…
The boardgame Dawn of the Dead is based on the movie with the same name. It was released in year 1978 and is no longer being sold in any version. The game map represents the shopping mall from the movie. The game is usually played by 2-5 players but you can also play it alone, by using the solitaire rules. The game is won if the zombie player kills three of four human characters, or if the human player(s) manage to secure all four doors to the mall and eliminating all zombies.

Check the entry for Dawn of the Dead boardgame at BoardGameGeek.com for more information and reviews.

Updated version
This game is maybe not the most beautiful board game around, that’s why I made an updated version of the board and counters. I borrowed some graphics from the board game Zombies!!! (with permission). You can very well play this game with the zombie figures from Zombies!!!, this will add to the atmosphere a bit. Below you can see how the new version looks in action 🙂

Here you can download everything you need to play Dawn of the Dead the boardgame. The rules are save as both PDF and Microsoft Word. You should download the board either as one piece, two pieces or four pieces, depending on how you want to print the board (for example 1x A3, 2x A4, 4x A4, etc.). You should print all the images with the same resolution, the images are saved in 300dpi, but can be changed to for example 200dpi if you want a larger board. The box will fit on an A4-paper as 300dpi, but requires an A3 for 200dpi.

Exact dimensions for printing
300dpi – Board: 37,86 x 24,43 cm (14.907 x 9.62″), Counters:  12,65 x 10,13 cm (4.98 x 3.987″)
200dpi – Board: 56,79 x 36,65 cm (22.36 x 14.43″), Counters: 18,97 x 15,19 cm (7.47 x 5.98″)
(The dimensions are for the full board, if you are printing the board in two pieces then the height for one piece is the same and the width is half that of the full board, if you are printing the board in four pieces then both the width and height for every piece are half that of the full board.)

TIP! If you intend to play the game with the figures from Zombies!!! you should use 200dpi for a larger board.

Click the images below to download the part(s) that you want! The files are all zipped.

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20 Responses to Print & Play: Dawn of the Dead Boardgame

  1. Edward Anderson says:

    I got this game for free, I think it was in Ares magazine, and played it with friends until it fell apart. Thank you for lovingly bringing back part of my misspent youth in full color glory!

  2. Gungho says:

    I can’t download images, it gives 404 not found error.

  3. Great! THX for sharing that 😉

  4. […] Hier der Link zum Download:  http://www.witchmastercreations.com/dawn-of-the-dead-boardgame/ […]

  5. Roger Cox says:

    Nothing prints except the rule book. I’m no computer guru, so it has to be idiotproof, hence it could be my own fault. But many thanks for the effort to get this game into people’s hands.

  6. Roger Cox says:

    Info and File atr the only options in wfite–print is in grey so I cant choose to “print”. I tried ctrl P and that was worthless too.

  7. Roger Cox says:

    Heck I’ll buy a map from somebody who knows how to download this mess.

  8. […] source: WitchMaster Creations). Interested gamers should note that the game is available for free to print and play from that […]

  9. Tony Riva says:

    I heard of this game shortly after the movie came out and now I need wonder no more. Many thanks to you.

  10. […] A free, print-and-play version of the old SPI board game “Dawn of the Dead,” based on the classic George Romero zombie film. (Courtesy of Witchmaster Creations.) […]

  11. Art says:

    Wow, this is awesome, thank you so much! Love the topic.

    Artwork is amazing, looking forward to assembling the game.

  12. Damo says:

    Can’t get the downloaded ‘map’ and ‘counters’ : just says file/format not recognised. Intend playing the new map with figures from Zombies … But would like the counters too.

    Any hope to have them emailed to me ??

  13. Thia says:

    Unable to download these images. The links are empty. Is it still possible to get these? 🙂

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