If you want to learn how to create chip tunes on the Commodore 64, this e-book may be of help. It’s an expanded manual for the new (2012) and excellent C64 native music tracker SID-Wizard (version 1.2) by Mihaly Horvath. The ebook contains a lot of information from the original SID-Wizard 1.2 manual but have been expanded to explain things so beginners also can start to understand how to make music in this wonderful way. 🙂

There is also a separate PDF with charts and tables only (cheat sheet).

Click the covers to view / download (the links will work when version SID-Wizard 1.2 is released around midnight).

Direct links:
Creating Chip Tunes with SID-Wizard
Charts and Tables for SID-Wizard 1.2


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  1. […] w formacie pdf można pobrać z witryny http://www.witchmastercreations.com/e-book-creating-chip-tunes-with-sid-wizard/, dzięki czemu, zamiast czytania dzieł Lenina, na osobistych, podręcznych czytnikach […]

  2. […] chiptune or chip music. WitchMaster uses the word chiptune in his manual, but I think the word began being used is relatively recent in the C64 scene. We can say Jeroen Tel […]

  3. […] チップチューンあるいはチップ・ミュージックについてお尋ねします。 WitchMasterは彼の制作したマニュアルのなかでチップチューンという語を用いていますが、この語がC64シーンで使われ始めたのは比較的最近のことであるように思います。 Jeroen Telのような人がチップ・ミュージックのオリジネイターであると、私たちは言うことができますが、しかし彼自身は(チップチューンやチップ・ミュージックの)シーンから距離を置いているように見えます。こうした音楽からあなたがインスピレーションを得たことはありますか? […]

  4. zyx66 says:

    hi mikael
    first of all, great work, and i’m wondering (since a while) if you’re updating your “SID-Wizard” extended manuals versions to v1.4 or v1.5 anywhere soonish ?? i think it’s really great work but it needs to be up to date, right man?? 😉

    • Mick says:

      Oh, version 1.5 is out, didn’t know that. 🙂 I would like to update the e-book but I don’t have enough time at the moment I’m afraid, let’s see what happens.

      • zyx66 says:

        This morning i woke up thinking about making c64 music. SO i looked at c64db (CSDb)searched again for sidwizard and there was version 1.6 and BANG you did a new e-book for the actual version 😀 (which i asked to do so (as you can see above) ) so i guess i reminded you and now a new version is there – YEAH! – 😀 Thx man

  5. zyx66 says:

    Yes man, im reading it right now. If you have some more days left sooner or later. Sid-Wizard 1.8 is out since 2018 ;)maybe you’ll give it another go?
    Big up…

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