The latest version of Spotify removed the option to minimize the application to the system tray and this is quite annoying. As a quick fix I made a wrapper application that does this job instead.

It works like this: instead of starting Spotify, you start the wrapper application which then starts Spotify. You should now have an icon in the tray that looks similar to the Spotify icon. Left-clicking the icon toggles the state of minimized / shown and right clicking gives you a menu with controls like play /pause etc. You can pause / play Spotify by clicking the tray icon with the middle mouse button. If you accidentally close Spotify with the X button you can just click the icon in the system tray and Spotify will start again. From version 0.9 you can define global hotkeys for certain functions, instructions are included in a pdf-file.


Installation: unzip the archive and edit the settings.txt file. The only thing you might need to change here is the second line that says “Spotify Free”, if you have a premium account change this to “Spotify Premium” (or just “Spotify” if “Spotify Premium” won’t work), otherwise leave it as it is. Move the folder to the Program files folder and create a shortcut for SpotifyWrapper.exe to the desktop or wherever.

Note: On Windows XP you have to change the path to Spotify.exe in settings.txt.

Global Hotkeys: Can be defined in settings.txt file, see included pdf for instructions.

Balloon Tip: To enable the balloon tip (shows song info when song changes) change the zero in the second row in the settings file (Balloon:0) to for example 500, the number indicates how long the balloon should be shown in milliseconds (a value of 1000 equals one second).

Minimize button: The normal minimize button can now (v1.2) be used to minimize to tray with one limitation. The Spotify app can’t be restored to the same window state so in the settings file you can specify if the app should be restored windowed or maximized. Clicking the tray icon to minimize / show keeps track of the state as normal.

Start minimized: There is now also an option for starting Spotify minimized when you run Spotify Wrapper. This option is disabled by default but can be enabled in settings.txt.

I have tested this application only on my Windows 7 machine but feel free to test it and please report any issues you might have. I can’t promise to give you much support though but if there are obvious bugs in the application I will fix them.

If you like this app please consider a small donation, as everything you find on this site is free and I don’t like ads. The wrapper application does NOT contain any malware or spyware so don’t worry about that. 🙂


V1.2: Minimize to tray with normal minimize button (restore windowed or maximized), possible to start Spotify minimized
V1.1: Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash if a global hotkey was already defined by another app
V1.0: Balloon Tip at song change (can be disabled), Artist – Title also shown when hovering over tray icon
V0.9: Definable Global Hotkeys
V0.8: Middle mouse button to pause / play Spotify
V0.7: Works with newest version of Spotify (, easier installation
V0.6: Added an about box, no other changes
V0.5: Spotify shown as foreground window after being hidden
V0.4: Added controls for playback etc.
V0.3: Easier installation, limited to one instance, restarting of Spotify if closed.
V0.2: Small Bug fix
V0.1: Initial release


23 Responses to Freeware: Spotify Wrapper (Minimize Spotify to system tray + global hotkeys)

  1. Chuck says:

    Works alright. Thanks.

  2. Requios says:

    I’ve been using it about a month or so and I love it 🙂
    However Spotify’s latest update seems to have broken it. Can you look into that?

  3. Geese says:

    Thanks, works great 🙂

  4. Jesica says:

    Great, thank you! Working with Spotify

  5. Pascal says:

    Thanks so much for this! I was wondering, could we have an additional setting so the wrapper could keep Spotify hidden when launching it? I’m looking to auto-start the wrapper “quietly” when I log into Windows.

    • Mick says:

      I have now updated Spotify Wrapper with this option, get the new version above! 🙂

      • Pascal says:

        You, sir, are awesome!

      • Kime says:

        Thanks a million (miljoonat kiitokset), been using this gem since version 0.2! Spotify seems to have restored minimizing to system tray function in its latest release, but only partially (Edit – Preferences… – Show advanced setting). Spotify Wrapper however has all the missing features already implemented, so still using your app only to control Spotify from system tray.

        • Mick says:

          Thanks for the feedback! I’m still using it myself but it is a bit annoying with two icons in the tray now, the original crippled Spotify icon and the icon for Spotify Wrapper. In my opinion it is worse now when they barely implemented the minimize to tray feature, is it maybe possible to hide the original icon?

          • Kime says:

            Hello! Yes, it’s a bit annoying to have both of those icons. Unfortunately, you can’t hide the original Spotify icon entirely but this is what I’ve done: Open Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Notification Area Icons with Windows Explorer (Win7, copy and paste that text). Set Show icon and notifications to Spotify Wrapper and Only show notifications to Spotify. This way Spotify Wrapper icon is always visible & usable in the system tray and original Spotify icon is shown only in hidden icons list, which can opened clicking that little up arrow in the system tray.

  6. Alan says:

    Excellent app, just a little problem, in Windows 10 in some times app closes without reason. Any solution?, I’ve proved executing with admin permissions but doesn’t work

  7. Dale W says:

    After being fed up with this change for years, I was just about to install this, but then noticed that this feature is back in Spotify. The tray icon shows up, and you can right click to minimize to tray… OR (my preference), if you go to settings->advanced settings, you can set again for the close button to minimize to tray! YAY!

  8. torey says:

    Do the global hotkeys work with the latest release of spotify?

    • Mick says:

      I think my Spotify updated yesterday or the day before, it’s version “”. The hotkeys work for me. You need to remove the grid symbol before the shortcuts in settings.txt and change the shortcuts to your liking. Spotify can now be minimized to the tray again but the function is very crippled. This tool gives you more features.

  9. arthur_felipe says:

    Wonderful! While the guys at Spotify won’t listen to their users and restore a simple yet useful “Play/Pause/Next/Previous” function for the system tray icon, you nailed it.
    Great work!

  10. b_mol says:

    Amazing! Thank You Very Much!

  11. Kime says:

    Sadly, after latest Spotify update ( this tray app doesn’t work anymore 🙁 Any chances getting it working again?

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