I bought a 32-string Kantele from a flee market here in Finland. The instrument sounds lovely even if the soundboard is cracked. I don’t know how old the instrument is, the soundboard is made from really fine grain spruce (probably from northern parts of Finland).

I went through the process of tuning the Kantele and then sampling every string of it. This Kontakt library is the result of that work. I hope you like it. 🙂 Listen to the sample below or download it HERE

Please let me know if you use this library, I would love to hear the result!

If you use the library for a commercial project or like this library and feel generous, please consider a donation (button on the right).

The downloadable file is a zip file containing the Kontakt library, the sample mp3 file and the photo of the Kantele seen on this page. You will need Kontakt 5 or the free Kontakt 5 Player to use this library



17 Responses to Kontakt Library: Old 32-String Kantele

  1. Dario says:

    Awesome! I will link back to it from my sample library list!

  2. Daniel says:

    Awesome! this sounds almost the same as the instrument used in the Kaer Morhen piece (Witcher 3 Wild Hunt soundtrack)

    • Mick says:

      I listened to the piece, it’s a good song. 🙂 The instrument used there sounds similar yes, but I think it’s a lute or similar instrument. I hope you can use this library for something! 🙂

  3. Beatmaker says:

    Thanks a lot !

  4. Lieutenant Left-Nut says:

    Yesterday, I downloaded and tried running this library on my free Kontakt 5 player(which I downloaded 4 days ago) but got this message pop up:

    “This patch was generated by a newer version of the application. Please upgrade your copy to load the patch.”

    I really want to add this library to my collection. How can I resolve this issue?
    Thank you.

  5. Lieutenant Left-Nut says:

    Nevermind about the pop up message; I solved the issue already.
    I was under the impression that installing the kontakt player would already come up to date; but it seems I have to update it myself manually.

    Thanks anyways, and your instrument is phenomenal; it fits the bill of harp-like instruments for my library collection.

  6. Gerd says:

    Hi, I have the Kontakt5 Player and did test this wonderful String Kantele by moving the nki-file into the Kontakt Window (right side). It does work, but its only shown as DEMO version with 15 min. time limit and it was not stored by the DAW. Is there a way to let it start as free unlimited version?

  7. Lasse says:

    I downloaded this library a couple a years ago, but recently lost a lot of files. I came back to redownload it, but the link doesn’t seem to work.

    I used for a small computer game I worked on back then called Fimbul ’91. You can see a gameplay trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VavR2Nue0Hk

    I’m trying to get the library again, because I’m working on a new project for which it would be perfect! I hope you can make it available again 🙂


  8. Bob Barrett says:

    I downloaded the kantele sample library, which sounds great, but need to know if there is a way to adjust the ADSR controls. I need to be able to shorten the sustain.

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