A while ago a friend of mine (Mathias LillmÃ¥ns) contacted me and said that he needed a nice microphone for his band’s new style. The band in question is Finntroll. Mathias (aka. Lillen) told me then that he suspected I could do something about it. It sounded interesting so I started looking for parts. I found very nice old tractor parts in an old shed at a friend’s house.

The cartridge comes from a Shure SM78 microphone (it’s from the 80s and had a shorter cartridge). To be able to fit the cartridge, I had to make the shell a bit deeper, I did this with a plastic cup from Ikea (I sawed a piece from the top, painted it black and used that).

This is the result:

Cyberpunk Microphone

An “action” shot (hopefully Finntroll will not sue me for using this image):


After I handed over the microphone, the sound technician for Finntroll made it sound better by changing how the cartridge was installed.


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