Deluxe Paint on the Amiga is a really nice tool for pixel graphics. This is a tutorial on how to use Deluxe Paint as conveniently as possible on a Windows PC. I made a simple console application that makes png images transparent, you can get it here: I made a suitable icon for Deluxe Paint, download it here:

A short demo of using Deluxe Paint int this way:

These are the steps required:

1. Install WinUAE

2. Add kickstart roms.

3. Choose model: A1200 on the quickstart page.

4. Settings:

Select: Host / Display / Remove interlace artefacts
Deselect: Host / Miscellaneous / Show GUI on startup
Hardware / CPU and FPU: 68040 with FPU CPU internal and     select “fastest possible”
Hardware / RAM: 8MB Chip

5. Add a virtual hard drive (Hardware / CD & Hard drives page).

6. Save the configuration with the name Deluxe Paint or something similar.

7. Install Workbench 3.0 to the virtual hard drive created in step 5.

8. Install Deluxe Paint (DP 5 is the latest version).

9. Edit S/Startup-Sequence so Deluxe Paint will start automatically. You can do this in a text editor in Windows, all files on the virtual HDD are available as normal files in Windows.
cd HD0:DPaintV/    (Change the path if necessary)

10. Create a shortcut for WinUAE to the desktop (or anywhere) and edit it to run the configuration you created. Change target for the shortcut to:

“C:\Program Files (x86)\WinUAE\winuae.exe” -f “C:\Program Files (x86)\WinUAE\Configurations\DeluxePaint.uae”

(Change the paths if necessary)

You can also change the icon of the shortcut to the DP icon provided here.

11. Create a shortcut to the folder on the virtual HDD you are saving your images to.

12. Change window size until you have a non-distorted image. I do this by drawing two 45 degree diagonal lines in Deluxe Paint and resize the screen until the lines look perfect. When you are happy with what you see, press F12 and save your WinUAE configuration. (1344 x 1053 seems to work for me). Maybe there is a better way to do this (probably is?).

Converting IFF images to bmp or png

13. Install Irfanview and the plugin pack

14. Create a batch-file in the directory where you save your Deluxe Paint images with the following text:

“C:\Program files (x86)\irfanview\i_view32.exe” *.iff /convert=*.png

(Change the path to Irfanview if you installed it elsewhere)

Name the batch file starting with an underscore so it’s always on top in the folder.
Running the batch-file will convert all the iff images in the directory to bmp-images.

Making the PNG images transparent

15. Copy MakeTransparent.exe to the Windows directory.

16. Add the following line to the batch file you created in step 14:

MakeTransparent *.png /replace /rgb:156,118,140
MakeTransparent.exe *.png /replace

The first alternative will make the defined rgb value transparent, the second alternative will make the color of the top-left pixel transparent in the images.


4 Responses to Tutorial: How to use Deluxe Paint on a Windows PC (with simple startup and one-click image conversion with transparency)

  1. Sinisa says:

    I had Deluxe Paint for DOS,
    not the Amiga version.

  2. MENTD says:

    Check out the program GRAFX2 it is for Linux and PC.
    It is very much like DPAINT, which I used to use for
    my Amiga as well!

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