My Behringer BCR2000 has been lying in a corner unused until yesterday when I found out about Zaquencer, which is a custom firmware that turns the BCR2000 into a step sequencer, and a very good one. Inspired by this I made wooden panels (teak) for the BCR to improve the looks. This is a short tutorial how to make your own panels.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful, don’t hesitate to ask away if anything is unclear! 🙂

1. Download the template here: BCR2000-panel-template.jpg . Print it out at 300dpi for correct scale and cut it out with scissors / scalpel. Print it on thick paper if possible.


2. Draw the template on the piece of wood (I used teak that was quite thick), you can use the same template for both panels, just turn the template around for the other side. You also need to mark the position of the holes with a needle through the paper or something like that.

3. Drill the holes for the screws with a drill that is big enough so that the screw fits freely.

4. Cut the groves to a depth of about 3mm with a circular cutter on a Dremel (will get hot and smoke), sharp knife or other tool you prefer. Also cut away some of the wood on the inside according to the template (I used a drill, se picture below). At this stage, you can try if the panels fit.


Closeup of the groves:


5. With a drill that is a little bit bigger than the head of the screws, drill from the outside of the panel to a depth that is about 7mm from the inside (the screws are not long enough to go throug all of the panel).


6. Now you can cut out the panels to shape (i used a bandsaw), it’s safer to make the groves etc. before cutting out the shape.

7. Finish up with sandpaper and oil or varnish and install the new panels.

Note: I cheated a little bit and cut off a tab on each side of the BCR2000 so I wouldn’t have to make a deep grove at those positions (see picture below).



11 Responses to Tutorial: Wooden panels for the Behringer BCR2000 midi controller

  1. Henrik says:

    Great job – I look forward to doing it myself 🙂

  2. Emanuele says:

    Very good looking one! Will try to do this for sure.
    Where I can find the red overlay for zaquencer? Definitely better looking than the one selled @ zaqaudio!

  3. Jordi FG says:


    Nice work on the wooden panels. But I’m even more impressed with the red modification of the overlay. Would you mind sharing it?


  4. Stu says:

    Did you print off the overlay as a sticker and then just cut it out?

  5. Deen Endo says:

    it looks like the link for the template is broken, I would really like to get a copy, if possible.

    deeneendo (at)

    thanks in advance!

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