WmC FileRenamer

by Mikael NorrgÄrd / WitchMaster Creations

This program is freeware and intended for non-commercial use. You can download it and use it personally, but any commercial use is prohibited.

What is WmC FileRenamer?
WmC FileRenamer is an application that enables renaming multiple files at once. You can for example remove unwanted text from filenames, insert or replace text and name mp3-files from their ID3-tag.

– Remove, Insert and Replace text.
– Name mp3-file from id3 tag.
– Capitalize
– Make lower- and uppercase.
– Change extension.
– Rename all files in a directory, files with specific extensions or the files you manually choose.

System Requirements:
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1

Windows 95 may work but is untested and unsupported.

DOWNLOAD VERSION 0.95 (24.02.2006)
You don’t need to uninstall a previously installed version of WmC FileRenamer, just reinstall to the same folder.

This program is written in C# and needs the Microsoft .NET Framework to run. The framework in itself doesn’t “steal” any system resources and can safely be installed. Download it HERE, or get it by using windows update.

Version history:

– Small changes and fixes.
– Fixed serious bug in remove and replace algorithms. I made a mistake before compiling the project but it’s now fixed.
– Initial Release

Support information
Check about page and contact me if you need assistance.

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